Newborn Care


A newborn baby can feel very small and fragile to care for. Our newborn care class helps new families become familiar with the basics of caring for your infant in the first 6 weeks after birth. Boost your confidence, by practicing essential newborn care skills in our class. Partners welcome and encouraged to attend!

One 2 hour class, price is per couple $50 Register Here

Class Covers:

-Choosing a pediatrician

-Understanding postpartum adjustment for the whole family

-The basics of baby care including diapering,cord care, bathing, and how to comfort a crying infant

-Benefits of skin to skin, and wearing baby, including practice with slings and carriers

-What normal infant behaviors to expect, including appearance, communication and sleep patterns

-How to assess signs of illness, how to take a temperature, necessary health and safety items, including car seats and when to call the pediatrician

-What nighttime parenting looks like, including swaddling, safer sleep positions, SIDS prevention, and tips to help your baby sleep