Birth Services

As a Birth Doula I do not:

-Make decisions for a mother or her partner.

-Communicate with medical staff on a client’s behalf.

-Impose my viewpoints on what I believe birth should be.

-Perform any clinical or medical tasks such as vaginal exams, fetal monitoring, vitals monitoring, etc.

Birth Doula Packages range from $400-$800. All available packages include prenatal education, attendance at your birth and on call doula services from 38 weeks gestation, as well as postnatal and breastfeeding support.

Not sure you can afford doula care? Let's talk! I am happy to work with your family to ensure your needs are met.

Because each birth is unique and special, my main role is to support you by:

Assisting with the birth process according to the mother’s wishes and birth plan.

Honoring the sacredness of the transition according to each family’s belief system, and

Observe each moment through a neutral perspective, so that each mother may be empowered and feel satisfied with her experience.

As a Birth Doula, I:

-Recognize that each family's birth is a unique and wonderful experience

-Do whatever is possible to honor family's wishes during the birth

-Assist families in preparing and carrying out their plans for their birth experience.

-Stay by the birthing mother's side so that I may provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, and an objective viewpoint.

-Give space for couples to experience the deep connection that comes through the birth of a child.

-Provide as much information as possible before & during birth, in order for families to make informed decisions that will leave them feeling satisfied.

-Protect each mother’s right to have a beautiful and happy birth story.