Lactation Testimonials

"One of my favorite aspects of connecting with a lactation consultant was the confidence in knowing I wasn't alone. Someone who had done this before, unlike me, was readily available to help me and answer all my questions. Alison was great at following up with us and provided very personalized service!" -Melanie B.


"Having nursed my first two children for 28 and 26 months, I was not new to the breastfeeding world, but when my most recent baby stopped gaining weight before he was two months old, I knew I needed additional help. That baby needed a lip tie and tongue tie revision, and I set up an appointment with Alison afterwards so she could help me and him re-learn how to nurse successfully and hopefully get him packing on the ounces. Alison was prompt, professional and comprehensive during our appointment, providing me with many suggestions to help improve his latch and tongue strength and mobility after his surgery. She also messaged me a few times over the next several days to see how we were doing and if I had any follow-up questions or needed any reminders. After her visit, my baby did start gaining weight and acting more satisfied after he was done eating. I definitely recommend Alison to anyone who has breastfeeding issues." - Andrea H.

"When my first child was born, I believed I was prepared for the challenge of breastfeeding. Once my daughter arrived, I struggled significantly. She started losing weight to the point that our pediatrician began insisting we use formula but I was determined to nurse my child. After nearly a week of unsuccessful attempts, during which I mechanically expressed my milk to feed my daughter, I called Alison for help. She was incredibly supportive and not at all judgmental. Her demeanor was relaxed and confident. By Alison demonstrating some techniques, I was finally able to put into practice the steps I’d read about and studied. During that night feeding, I used what Alison had taught and demonstrated to me and finally was able to help my daughter latch. We never had to supplement with formula, my daughter gained all her weight back, and is an all-around healthy child. I can never thank Alison enough for her calm support which led to this success story." -Sarah E.